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This week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law HB 3309.  Not that she supported it, she did not.  But there were not enough votes to sustain a veto.  This bill was the latest effort by the Coastal Caucus to roll back common sense in the tsunami zone.  While Japan is…

Sleepless in Seattle? You should be.

(Cover image courtesy of Did you know that the populations of Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland (and outlying towns) are sitting on a geologic time bomb known as the Cascadia subduction zone? Only recently discovered and now the most documented fault zone in the world, roughly  7 million people will be dramatically affected (and tens… Read More Sleepless in Seattle? You should be.

Riding out Hurricane Irma….Alone

Ominous words issued from the knowledgeable folks at the Weather Channel. For those that don’t know, I’m a 50’s something divorcee’, living in West Central Florida, Eastern Hillsborough County, specifically, in a rental home with my shelter dog. So the thought of facing a catastrophic hurricane alone was terrifying. Even more frightening was the wildly changing spaghetti models. … Read More Riding out Hurricane Irma….Alone

Life Lesson Learned in the Grocery Store Express Lane

Yesterday,  after work, I stopped by the local grocery store for three items. THREE items; Kale (God knows why), coffee creamer, and frozen blueberries. I was tired and grumpy because I had just navigated another successful afternoon trek down America’s Most Dangerous Highway, and my blood pressure was already boiling by the time I exited… Read More Life Lesson Learned in the Grocery Store Express Lane